About Us

Alkon Entertainment

Getting into the music field can seem like an almost insurmountable goal for so many people, but here at Alkon Entertainment, we wanted to ensure this wasn’t the case. With this in mind, we’ve set out to deliver effective, reliable, and thorough solutions for all of our music clients, no matter what. Because, whether you’re a music artist looking to get your name heard or a music lover simply wanting the best new beats, we’re confident that you can find it with a little help.

A Passion for Music

For our team here at Alkon Entertainment, an unwavering passion for music has always been one of the key reasons we get up every morning to do what we do. That’s why we proudly stand by our clients at all times, delivering effective solutions that help them achieve their own career goals.

From releasing and developing the recordings to distributing music, taking bookings for events, publishing new content, and more, our passion for music allows us to get directly involved with every client’s career progression.

Longstanding History in the Music Field

Our brand was founded in 1995 by Lonnie Copeland, almost three decades ago now, and we’ve never once let our determination to deliver top-quality music slip during that time. Indeed, we’re firm believers that any music artist can go on to new heights with the right support, which is just part of why so many major record labels have put their faith in our team, too.

With partnerships alongside Warner Brothers, Warlock, Sony, Tony Mercedes Records, Slip n Slide, and Atlantic, we’ve garnered expertise that’s almost unparalleled in the industry. This allows us to deliver the most reliable solutions for every new, up-and-coming, or established artist who partners with us.

Specializing in Urban Music

Our passion for music goes deeper than just a few genres – but, to deliver the most specialist services for our clients, we focus on urban music in most instances. Whether it’s blues, rap, dance, or rhythm, our knowledge and experience cover almost all fields of urban music; that’s why we know, without a doubt, we can deliver the most effective solutions tailored to every client’s unique sound.

Want to discover more about our specialties and our music? We’d love to help; after all, Alkon stands for A Local Kid Out of Nowhere. So, no matter where your career might currently lie, we’re confident we can help!